Increase Visibility

Gain Valuable Information to Make More Informed Decisions on a Store Level


With real-time data analytics, store compliance monitoring, and image capturing IRIS enables retailers to elevate their operations, improve their product placement and merchandising, and ultimately increase their sales and profitability.

See Real Time Images

IRIS allows your employees to capture real-time images within the IRIS ON THE GO App without storing on mobile devices. Snap a before and after image, see your products on retailer shelves, gain knowledge on course correction. With IRIS, your employees become key contributors to improving product placement, enhancing merchandising strategies, and ultimately driving sales and profitability.

Live Dashboards

Our powerful platform provides real-time data analytics and intuitive dashboards that give you instant visibility into your store operations. Monitor store compliance, track key metrics, and analyze performance metrics effortlessly, empowering you to optimize product placement, enhance merchandising strategies, and drive sales and profitability.

Geo Localized Results

Our advanced technology provides accurate location data, giving you a clear understanding of which specific store or branch the information is derived from. This level of detail allows you to track and monitor employee activities, ensuring compliance and accountability.

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What Else Can IRIS Do?

Field Execution

Quickly and effectively perform tasks including survey entries, tracking orders, and ensuring compliance.

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Capacity Planner

Facilitate efficient resource allocation, prioritizes time-sensitive projects, and enhance productivity while lowering operational costs.

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Get real-time updates, resolve issues, and communicate with employees in-store using the integrated chat and video calling feature.

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