Capacity Planner

Easily View and Schedule Work for Your Team to Ensure Projects are Completed Efficiently


With customizable workflows, real time task management, and workforce optimization, IRIS helps optimize resources and ensure that teams are working on the most important and time-sensitive projects, resulting in increased productivity, and reduced operational costs.

Organized Calendar View

Stay on top of your schedule and make informed decisions with our intuitive calendar view in IRIS's Capacity Planner. Effortlessly visualize what needs to be completed, current and overdue for each team member. Easily identify upcoming deadlines, milestones, and important project cycles. Our color-coding and categorizing module quickly assesses the urgency and priority of each item.

See Everything You Need on a Map

Effortlessly visualize your team's work locations and project assignments with our interactive map feature. With IRIS's capacity planner, you can easily see everything you need on a map, allowing you to efficiently allocate resources based on geographic proximity. Stay informed, optimize travel routes, and ensure efficient project execution by leveraging the power of location-based insights in IRIS.

Easily Schedule Your Employees

Streamline your employee scheduling process with ease using IRIS's capacity planner. Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly schedule and assign tasks to your team members, ensuring optimal resource utilization. Experience increased productivity and reduced operational costs by effortlessly scheduling your employees with IRIS.

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What Else Can IRIS Do?

Field Execution

Quickly and effectively perform tasks including survey entries, tracking orders, and ensuring compliance.

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Increase Visibility

Get real-time data analytics, store compliance monitoring, and image capturing features.

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Get real-time updates, resolve issues, and communicate with employees in-store using the integrated chat and video calling feature.

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