Enjoy Real Time 2-way Communications With Your Team


With our built-in chat feature IRIS allows team members to easily collaborate, share updates, and resolve issues in real-time. Resulting in improved efficiency, faster response times, and better overall communication among team members.

Instant Messaging

Stay connected and engaged with your team through our powerful instant messaging feature. With IRIS, you can send messages instantly, facilitating seamless communication and efficient collaboration. Share updates, brainstorm ideas, and address urgent matters in real-time, fostering a productive and dynamic work environment. Experience the benefits of instant messaging with IRIS.

Notification System

Never miss a critical update or important notification with IRIS's comprehensive notification system and push emails. Even if you happen to miss an in-app notification, rest assured that you'll still receive timely alerts via push emails. Stay connected and informed, regardless of your current activity within the platform, ensuring that you're always up to date with essential messages and tasks.

In-App Emailing

Streamline your communication workflow with our convenient in-app emailing feature. With IRIS, you can compose, send, and receive emails directly within the platform, eliminate multiple applications, share documents, engage in threaded conversations, increase productivity, and time management.

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What Else Can IRIS Do?

Field Execution

Quickly and effectively perform tasks including survey entries, tracking orders, and ensuring compliance.

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Increase Visibility

Get real-time data analytics, store compliance monitoring, and image capturing features.

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Capacity Planner

Facilitate efficient resource allocation, prioritizes time-sensitive projects, and enhance productivity while lowering operational costs.

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